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I'm Pirita Hilton

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Hey there, I'm Pirita

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Meet your soulful menstrual cycle coach.

A puppy mum, a wife, a recovering overachiever, a yoga teacher turned into a menstrual cycle coach, and an ex-career-ladder-climber who turned her passion into a business.
If you're struggling with not having energy left after work, you feel like you're in a constant hormone roller coaster or you're done with guessing when you ovulate, you've come to the right place. 
Feeling energetic every day, knowing your cycle like your own pockets and guiding you to be in charge of your wellbeing and fertility are my specialty. 


Before meeting Pirita, I used to over exercise and restrict my calorie intake which caused me hormonal imbalances leading to acne, irregular cycles, hair fall, and bloating.  My advice to others would be if you want to take control of your hormones and don't want to give your hormones the control, Pirita is the person you want to work with. Her holistic approach and experience would prove magical for you.


After working with Pirita,  I feel like a different person - well actually I just feel like myself again! I have much more consistent energy levels throughout the day which has really helped me being able to focus on work and get things done. I also notice a huge difference throughout the month my mood and energy levels are way more consistent. 


My experience with Pirita has helped me to recognise different phases of my cycle and live in tune with them. I have learnt to respect my body’s needs. Before joining Pirita's program I hadn’t really understood different levels of my energy throughout the menstrual cycle. With the knowledge I gained, I can optimise my energy more, have less painful periods and more energy. 

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