3 Actionable Tips for Syncing Your Life with Your Cycle in Each of the 4 Phases

In this video, I will give you three actionable tips on how you can sync your life with your menstrual cycle in each phase of the cycle.

This mini-training is perfect for you if you want to deepen your cycle syncing practice or are just getting started on your cycle awareness journey.

If you're new to cycle syncing and cycle awareness, grab "The Ultimate Cycle Awareness Guide" which is completely free and talks you through both the hormonal and energetic cycles so that you can sync your life with your unique cycle.

But don't worry, I will go through the phases of your menstrual cycle in the video briefly too so you know what I'm talking about. Jump in and leave a comment below to let me know what new things you learnt!

Inner winter phase or the time when you're on your period is time for resting, reflecting and listening to your intuition and inner guidance. Journal to write things down and to reflect on things that have been on your mind.

When you move towards the spring phase, take the new things you learned about yourself on your period and set your goals accordingly. Become the visionary of your own life, dream big and create an actionable step-by-step strategy that takes you from the dreamland to reality.

Don't set goals only to this cycle because let's face it - one cycle is too short for massive action so it's better to think longterm. However, you want to get specific and realistic as to what you can achieve during this current cycle and then schedule in your daily action items.

In the inner summer phase it's time to take action. Follow the plan you created in the spring phase but remember to take care of yourself too. Schedule daily walks, meditation sessions or me-time into your calendar so that you don't get overwhelmed.

Learn the art of listening to your body in the autumn phase of your menstrual cycle by noticing the signs that your body is giving you when it wants you to start slowing down. Sooner than you know, you will be able to predict these signs and be deeply in tune with your cycle.

Use the autumn energy towards organising, finishing tasks, cleaning and becoming clear on the things that no longer serve you.

And then repeat!

Pirita xx

PS. Get your free "Ultimate Cycle Awareness Guide" if you're just getting started on your cycle syncing journey!


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