A Mindful Morning Routine to Incorporate into Your Busy Mornings

If I asked you what your perfect day would look like, would you say that it would start with a slow morning that leaves you feeling energetic, centered and inspired?

I know that I have spent way too many mornings running around like crazy, feeling anything but centered and being already exhausted before 9 am on a Monday. All because I wanted some time to do some grammin' as the first thing in the morning and didn't take any time to connect with myself at all.

That's until I started to follow a mindful morning routine that is easy to incorporate into your normal, busy everyday life.

I know that I have spent way too many mornings running around like crazy, feeling anything but centered and being already exhausted before 9 am on a Monday.

No-Phone Mornings

Leave your phone to another room when you go to bed in the evening. That way scrolling through Instagram won't be the last thing you do every night or the first thing you do in the mornings. Give yourself a gift of mornings that are all about you and not about people on your social media.

Not staring at a screen as the last thing in the evening will also give you a better sleep which in turn, will help you wake up more energetic.

Breath & Body Awareness

When you're still in bed ready to get up, take a minute or two to check in with yourself. Notice your breath and observe it. How does it feel? Is it shallow or deep, quick or slow, even, strained, calm? Does it feel effortless to breath in and out?

After observing your breath for a moment, take three deep breaths in and slow breaths out. Feel your body filling with new energy on the inhales and getting rid of the stagnant energy on the exhales.

Then bring your attention to your body - do you have any pain or tension anywhere? Make a couple of big stretches to open your body and receive the feedback it gives you - notice how your body feels.

If you do notice any pain or tension, just try to breathe into it. Imagine that you're breathing in space to that body part on the inhales and allowing it to completely relax on the exhales.

Setting an Intention & Journaling

Before you get on with your day, take a moment to set an intention. How would you like to feel today? What would you like this day to give you? Whatever comes to your mind first, allow that to serve as your intention for the day.

An intention is not the same thing as a goal - goals are there to be achieved where as setting an intention will guide you towards the right direction.

If you have time, write down a few things you're grateful for this morning and how you feel. You can also write down small goals that you'd love to achieve today.

Make it easy for yourself

Creating a mindful morning routine shouldn't be complicated. Just commit to a couple of small changes at first and you'll see big differences.

Make it easy for yourself - you don't have to wake up at 3 am to meditate for two hours, do yoga and go for a run - you can just simply start with a few minutes of being mindful.

In today's world, we constantly expect ourselves to be available and make ourselves busy. Creating a mindful morning routine will give you a few moments of calm and stillness. Centering yourself in the morning can help you manage stress throughout the day, feel less busy and be more focused and productive.

What's there not to love?


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