Cycle Sync Your Biz & Work to Increase Your Productivity

In this video, we'll talk about syncing your daily tasks with your cycle so that you can get them done with less stress

I used to be a massive to-do list lover and thought that being productive meant checking as many things off my to-do list as possible.

But I've learned to understand that productivity is not about to-do lists or doing as much as possible. True productivity is about doing tasks in sync with our energy levels (read our menstrual cycle) and getting better results with less stress.

And we all want to be able to get better results with less stress, am I right? Then it's time to start syncing your tasks with the phases of your cycle so that you know when to do and what and when your energy is best suited for more challenging work.

Watch this video to learn more!

If you're new to cycle syncing and cycle awareness, grab "The Ultimate Cycle Awareness Guide" which is completely free and talks you through both the hormonal and energetic cycles so that you can sync your life with your unique cycle.

Hope you loved this video and found it helpful! Comment below one thing that you learned today.

Pirita xx

PS. Get your free "Ultimate Cycle Awareness Guide" if you're just getting started on your cycle syncing journey!


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