Cycle Syncing Your Exercise Routine to Feel Better, Reduce Stress and Get the Best Results

In today's video, we'll dive deeper into how to train in sync with your menstrual cycle

I used to think that we can perform on the same level every single day. In fact, when I took working out really seriously, I thought that I could reach a personal best every single day when it comes to working out. And where did that lead me to? Burnout, chronic fatigue and high stress levels.

The thing is that most workout routines are designed to follow the 24-hour sleep-wake cycle which means that they completely ignore women's monthly infradian rhythm and even go against it.

Menstrual cycle is powered by different sex hormones that make us feel differently in each phase and they can also help us lose fat, build muscle, boost the metabolism and so on. But we can only get the great benefits of these hormones if we move and work in sync with them - if we don't, we can create unneeded stress and hormonal imbalances which are things that no one wants to deal with, am I right?

If you're new to cycle syncing and cycle awareness, grab "The Ultimate Cycle Awareness Guide" which is completely free and talks you through both the hormonal and energetic cycles so that you can sync your life with your unique cycle.

Watch today's video to learn what phase is best for what kind of workouts so that you can focus on feeling better and reducing stress!

Hope you loved this video and found it helpful! Comment below one thing that you learned today.

Pirita xx

PS. Get your free "Ultimate Cycle Awareness Guide" if you're just getting started on your cycle syncing journey!


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