How to balance Yin & Yang in the body throughout your cycle?

The symbol of Yin & Yang is very well known and it represents harmony between the two opposing qualities. The qualities are constantly in a state of flow and co-existence but sometimes one or the other can be excessive.

Did you know that throughout your cycle, your body is constantly naturally seeking balance between Yin and Yang? But how to balance Yin & Yang in your body throughout your cycle if you're feeling an imbalance between the two?

Yin is the darker, cooler, nurturing, creative and feminine force, where as Yang represents strong, bright, energetic and bright masculine qualities. This doesn't mean that feminine force is weak and masculine is stronger and better - these are simply the qualities, and if you learn how to live in tune with them and balance them, both can be used as a strength.

By recognising the different qualities and attributes of Yin and Yang, you can start living in tune with your own cycle and recognise why you may be feeling tired or exhausted and what to do to change that.

Winter Phase - Dominant Yin

Winter phase is the beginning of your cycle, starting around day 1 and lasting for approximately a week. This is the time of restoring energy in your body, taking rest and reflecting on the past, present and future.

This is the time when you naturally feel low in energy as well, but if your Yin & Yang are flowing in

harmony, you shouldn't be having much pain or fatigue.

If you're experiencing lots o fatigue and pain, you might have some excessive Yang in your body and it's time to take it easier and allow yourself to rest and to really embrace the feminine. It's also good to journal about your experience so that you can learn from it and allow yourself to start taking it easier already a couple of days before the next Winter phase.

Spring Phase - Seeking balance

Spring phase is time of growth, expansion and envisioning - all attributes of Yang. However, this is the phase when the dominant Yin is gradually fading and replaced by a balance of Yin & Yang.

It's easy to only focus only on the Yang and the growth and forget all about the nurturing Yin because we live in such a fast-paced society that demands you to constantly have energy and willpower to achieve new goals. But to balance Yin and Yang in the body, live in tune with your cycle and take care of your wellbeing, you need to honour both qualities.

Having too much excessive Yang in the body and always having your eyes on the goal without nurturing yourself can easily lead to feeling burnt out, exhausted and mentally drained. That's why it's good to acknowledge the need for nurturing and balancing any strenuous workouts with gentle yoga.

Summer Phase - Dominant Yang

Summer Phase is the phase where most of the fast-paced society wants us all to constantly live in - the phase of taking action and achieving goals.

This phase starts around halfway through your cycle and is dominated by Yang. This is the time of taking action, being productive and hitting your goals.

If you have the patience to balance Yin & Yang in the body throughout the rest of the cycle, the summer phase can be a game-changer as you will have so much energy to use and you can enjoy the dominant Yang.

But, as mentioned, Yin and Yang are always co-existing, even in the summer phase. So in order to maintain the high energy levels, it's important to acknowledge that your body still needs time to unwind and relax.

Autumn Phase - Seeking balance and turning inward

Autumn is the opposite of spring - this time the dominant Yang is gradually fading and being replaced by the balance of Yin and Yang in your body.

Autumn is like a cooling evening - it's nice to curl up under a blanket and start turning inward to reflect. You still have high energy after the summer, but your body knows that it's time to start letting go of the past cycle and preparing for the Winter phase.

Autumn phase is the best for finishing projects as you still have plenty of energy in your body, but you're starting to be ready to let go.

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