4 things you need to know about meditation

People often have assumptions about meditation and it's often thought to be about emptying the mind completely. Read on - I'm answering four common myths about meditation.

Meditation is usually seen as a sacred, religious practice where you sit in silence for hours, torturing your seat bones and completely emptying your mind. A common assumption is that you will need to be a really spiritual person who loves all-things-hipster to be able to meditate. But here are the 4 things that you need to know about meditation!

It can help us to tap into the parasymphatetic nervous system, which we humans need to activate in order to relax.

Myth 1 - Meditation is about emptying the mind

Meditation is not necessarily about emptying your mind completely. It's about bringing your focus to something and eventually being immersed with the object. Most often, the object would be your own breath and one of the most powerful meditation techniques is breath awareness meditation. In breath awareness, you bring your focus to your breath and observe it.

Myth 2 - Only very spiritual people meditate

Meditation is something that has for long been more popular among yogis or dharmic religions. However, a lot of newer research shows that meditation has many health benefits on our body-mind system, which has made it very popular among business leaders, athletes, students, mental health workers and normal people.

It can help us to tap into the parasymphatetic nervous system, which we humans need to activate in order to relax. It helps us to improve blood circulation, release the feel-good hormones, lower blood pressure, reduce stress & anxiety, stay present and it can physically change our brain. It also improves our outlook on life and gives us tools to overcome challenging situations.

Myth 3 - You need to meditate for hours to notice any change

You don't need to escape to the jungle for a month and meditate all day every day to receive any benefits that meditation can give. You can simply start by taking a few minutes a day - preferably just after you wake up or before you go to bed. Even a few minutes a day can make a big difference. Plus, it's really unrealistic to start your journey by meditating for hours every day since it will be difficult to stay present for such a long time. Our brains are wired for constant stimulus so it will take a while to rewire them to enjoy stillness.

Myth 4 - People in modern society don't have time to just sit around

When you start seeing meditation as what it really is - a tool to connect with yourself, your breath, the present moment, a tool to reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus and productivity, meditation becomes something much more than just sitting around - it becomes something you want to make time for. It is a truly beautiful way to improve your way of living.

Meditation really helps to improve focus and productivity at home and at the workplace which makes it an important part of corporate wellness and everyone's self care routine.

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