Increase Your Energy Levels and Stress Less by Cycle Syncing Your Yoga Practice

If you're new to cycle syncing, grab my free Ultimate Cycle Awareness Guide through this link and get started with ease. 🚀

In this video, will talk about the energetic phases of menstrual cycle, what yoga and cycle awareness have to do with each other and how cycle conscious yoga is helping so many of my clients to up-level their life.

*Hint* yoga is an amazing tool to manage & release stress in the body-mind and embody the different phases of your cycle which helps you to balance your hormones, increase energy levels and get more done with less stress.

I'll share my best tips for cycle conscious yoga - a practice that has helped so many of my clients to overcome period related issues, regulate their cycle and get more done with less stress.

Who would not love to get those results? No one, am I right?

So let's dive in!

PS. Got questions? Leave a comment below 💛

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