Stronger Intuition and Less PMS

What does intuition and your menstrual cycle have to do with each other? Everything.

What do you need to have a healthy cycle and less period problems such as PMS? You need cycle awareness.

What do you need in order to have more awareness around your menstrual cycle? You need more body awareness.

What do you need in order to have a deeper awareness of your body? You need strong intuition and connection with your inner wisdom.

Today I wanted to give you access to this Intuitive Movement Flow from The Cycle Conscious Collective. It was designed as a way to tap into your body during the autumn phase of your cycle to notice when to slow down, when to move and really hear what your body is asking for.

This flow is also a great way to strengthen your intuition. Because when you do that and actively connect with your body and your inner wisdom on a regular basis, it will change your life.

The reason why I wanted to give you access to this now is that you're most likely thinking about resolutions, intentions and goals for the new year. And the thing is that none of those goals will really matter unless they are aligned with what you truly desire. And the one way to find out what you really want? By strengthening your intuition and connecting with your inner wisdom.

Give yourself 20 minutes to be truly present on your mat, in your body and with yourself by flowing through this Intuitive Movement Flow.

If you're new to cycle syncing, sick of painful periods and rage-level PMS, then take the opportunity to book a FREE 20-minute Clarity Call with me.

In this call, we'll get clarity on your next steps so that you can start your 2021 with more energy, less stress and no more period problems. 🚀

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Pirita xx